Walkera F210 with 700 TVL Camera

Walkera F210 with 700 TVL Camera

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Price US$223.00 Walkera F210 with 700 TVL Camera

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The F210 Racing Quadcopter with 700 TVL Camera from Walkera is constructed from carbon fiber, making it suitable for racing. The equidistant axis design ensures the gravity center of the aircraft is in the middle, making the flight more stable and turning easier. With the adjustable angle, high-definition night vision camera, and real-time image transmission, the camera captures a detailed picture, even in cloudy weather or at night. The photosensitive sensors can automatically adjust according to the brightness of light. When in dark places, the chip can easily switch to infrared surveillance mode to ensure the aircraft traverses normally. In manual mode, pilots can freely adjust the angle of the camera according to their needs. Equipped with sensitive joysticks and buttons, the classic remote controller DEVO 7 ensures better control and human-computer interaction. The ergonomic contour design makes it convenient to use.

Motor protection cover makes flying safe
DEVO 7 controller with wireless copy function
Controller with 2.4 Hz direct sequence spread spectrum technology (DSSS)
1300mAh, 14.8V drone battery


  • 5.8G wireless image transmission
  • TX5825 (FCC) Bind B section: 4 channels
  • TX5824 (CE) Bind B section: 8 channels
  • TX5825 (FCC) output power: ≤200mW
  • TX5824 (CE) output power: ≤25mW


  • Framing angle up to 120°
  • 1 Vpp / 75-Ohm video output
  • 12 VDC power input